Tips & Tricks


Cora Jo's ultra-thin, self-adhesive silicone cover-ups provide the coverage you need to wear whatever you want. Perfect for special occasions, a day at work, or even a day at the pool. Discreet, travel-sized packaging is perfect for busy women. Wash and wear up to 25 times.

Ensure breast is clean, dry, and free of any moisturizer or powder. Remove plastic cover and press into place over nipple. Smooth, pressing gently from the center to the sides for best fit.

Clean with a mild soap and air dry with non-adhesive side down. When dry, replace plastic cover and place in box. Proper cleaning and storage will prolong the life of Cora Jo's silicone cover ups.

Not indicated for women who are breastfeeding or have skin allergies. If any signs of irritation occur, discontinue use immediately. It is preferable to wear no longer than 8 hours.